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I'm excited to tell you about how we helped a family today with a Kopa Insta-Offer. With a Kopa Insta-Offer you can sell your home to us. You can sell your home As-Is...No make ready, no staging, no showings and we can buy your home even if it is tenant occupied. You get to pick the closing date and we can offer you a leaseback to make your move easier. What could be easier than that? To get a Kopa Insta-Offer for your home it's as simple as 1-2-3.

  1. Give us the details of your home.
  2. Schedule a time for us to visit your home.
  3. Receive an offer usually in 24 hours.


We aren’t going to give you a low ball offer that’s 50% of the value of your home and we will also provide you with an estimate of what your home could sell for in

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There's a saying in real estate your first offer is your best offer. It's not necessarily true.

We recently sold a home that was listed for $50,000 over the sold price of a home with an identical floor plan that sold a few months ago. Many buyers in our area are what we call the "Too Highs" meaning regardless of the price they will say it's "too high." It wasn't surprising we received 2 offers $25,000 below list price, both with an explanation that they were comparing our listing to the home that sold 6 months ago.

All Realtors have access to the same information. What makes a difference when you receive an offer (especially if the offer is low) is the knowledge and experience of your listing agent. It's easy for your listing agent

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Carol attended one of our Home Selling Seminars and she had a problem much like many people. She wanted to move but needed to sell her current home to have the down payment and qualify for another mortgage.

A home that was perfect for Carol came on the market. The problem was the seller would not accept an offer contingent on the sale of her home because it wasn’t under contract. There wasn’t enough time to get Carol’s home on the market and under contract before another buyer would make an offer on Carol’s dream home.

The solution to Carol’s problem was a Kopa Insta-Offer. We made Carol an offer she accepted that allowed Carol to go under contract on her next home. An added bonus was because we can be flexible on a closing date and a lease back

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When the owners of 15909 Dink Pearson Ln called us they were concerned about the price we could get for their home because there had been several recent sales nearby for much lower prices. Because home prices in our area can vary based on unique criteria of each home it is important when pricing your home you work with a Realtor who has experience selling homes here. Everyone has access to data but there is a huge difference between data and knowledge.

After reviewing the market and what our experience told us about the market the owners trusted our suggested list price. The owners also believed in our proven marketing system that exposes our listings to the maximum number of buyers. Our marketing system gives us the best chance to

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At this time of this article Kopa Real Estate is representing 3 buyers under contract with homes that were not listed for sale in the MLS. As the inventory of great homes for sale has shrunk it is more and more important you find out about homes for sale before anyone else. The special homes sell fast and once they’re gone they are gone for good! 

Kopa Real Estate has 8 ways to find off market deals for our clients. Let’s talk about what our company does and let me know how we can help make your home search easier and more successful. Here are some of our tips and tricks.

  1.    Monthly Newspaper – We mail out over 10,000 real estate newspapers. Included in each issue is a list of clients we represent and their criteria for a home. Each
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Property tax appraised values have been mailed out in Williamson County and we have already received a lot of questions about how to protest your property tax value.

I used to think the process to protest my property taxes was confusing. Then I figured out the tax office has a system and by following directions it has been much easier for me. Hopefully a few of these tips will help you.

Here are a few quick tips I will explain later in more detail.

  1. There is no advantage to being the first person in line to protest your taxes. In fact that makes you “fresh meat” and puts you at a disadvantage.
  2. If you ask the tax office will provide you with the list of properties they will be using in your hearing. Once you know the data they are using
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You Will be Angry But I Have Good News 

On April 1st Williamson County Appraisal District is scheduled to mail out 2019 property tax appraisal notices.  Based on the sale prices you are not going to be happy with your home’s value going up. 

But I have good news! Most homeowners when they receive their tax value say something like “If someone would pay me that much for my house I would sell it to them.”

If that’s your reaction when you open the notice for your property chances are we can sell your home for the tax value or even more. In fact last year our average sales price was 4.1% ABOVE tax value. That comes out to an average of almost $17,000 OVER the tax value.

When you get your notice in the mail don’t be angry. Instead contact

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When selling your home one of the many aspects to consider is whether or not to utilize staging to bring in those prospective buyers. Staging has proved to draw in potential home owners, attract attention on MLS listing photos, and inspire a connection with the home so buyers feel like they could live there. Until recently the only way to stage your home was to bring in carefully coordinated furniture, accessories and hire a photographer to take photos of a beautifully staged home.

The problem with home staging is it is expensive and many Realtors and home sellers don’t have the budget to pay the rental fee. Renting staging furniture in Austin is expensive. For an average sized home it will cost over $3,000 for the first month and close to $2,500

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If the IRS considers you a “foreign person” and you are selling real estate your sale may be subject to FIRPTA withholding.


 FIRPTA is short for The Foreign Investment In Real Property Tax Act of 1980. FIRPTA is a tax law that imposes income tax on foreign persons when selling real estate. Read more about FIRPTA at the IRS website. https://www.irs.gov/individuals/international-taxpayers/firpta-withholding

This sounds scary and can be confusing to both sellers and buyers. Buyers can be especially frightened by the FIRPTA process because there are forms buyers have to sign that say the buyer is responsible for paying any taxes due if they are not collected at closing.

Many real estate agents do not understand FIRPTA and they do not ask

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If you are planning to sell your home but worried about having to move twice a leaseback may be a great option for you. Last year we helped 17 sellers negotiate a leaseback on their home so it is a process we are experienced with and can explain how it works in more detail regarding your particular situation.

A leaseback is where the seller of a home is allowed to remain in the property for a period of time after closing and is something that can be negotiated between the buyer and seller as part of a real estate contract. Not only is the option to have a leaseback negotiable but also the terms of the leaseback are negotiable.

To add a leaseback to your home sale there is a 2 page addendum attached to the standard contract. In the addendum the

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