If you’ve listened to talk radio in Austin you’ve heard a commercial for a Realtor sales guarantee. Some version of “If I don’t sell your home in 37 days I’ll buy it.”

How does that work and is that a good deal or a gimmick? Here’s how the Realtor sales guarantee has been explained to me.  

If I were to offer this guarantee first I would make you pay for an appraisal. Then I would make you pay for an inspection and make any repairs suggested on the report. After that we would come up with a guaranteed price that would be somewhere around 20% less than the appraised value. If your home is worth $300,000 I would offer you around $240,000 for a guaranteed price.

Is that a good deal or a gimmick? I’ll let you decide.

Would I buy your…

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As we headed into the year I was interested to see what would happen to our real estate market. There has been talk that the drop in oil prices and that effect on the Texas economy combined with Austin real estate becoming what some believe is unaffordable would cool off the market. That has definitely not happened.

At the end of December our inventory of homes was up .2% over December 2013. That may have indicated the real estate market would ease up a little in January. It doesn’t look like that is a long-term trend. As of today the inventory of homes is back under 2 months. Homes that are in desirable areas are still selling quickly with multiple offers just like last year, if not even faster.

As an indication our first listing as a new…

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