One of the things Kopa Real Estate does very well is promoting our open houses.

Despite other Realtors saying open houses are not an effective way to sell homes many of our listings sell to buyers who visit our open houses. We have even sold several homes to buyers whose agents never visited the house. We sold the buyers the home and they had their agent write up the contract for them.

We always recommend our clients who are buying a home have us show them homes they are interested in but we know it’s tempting to visit an open house alone on occasion.

Over the years of holding open houses we have learned some helpful tips to pass on to our clients who may visit an open house without us.

This advice is for serious buyers in competitive…

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If you’re planning any home renovations you might want to look at this cost vs value remodeling report. The report calculates the return you could expect from most remodeling projects.

One of the nice things about this report is it is specific for the Austin area. A project in a home in New York might not recoup the same amount of money as a project in Austin or vice versa.

One warning to basing any remodeling decisions solely on this report is it doesn’t take into consideration your particular neighborhood or price range. Be careful not to over improve your home compared to other homes in your neighborhood.

Click here to go to the Austin remodeling report.

If you have any questions about a remodeling project you are considering call or…

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Owning investment property can be a great way to build long term wealth. For the right person becoming a real estate investor can be an enjoyable and profitable experience.

We often talk with homeowners who are considering renting or selling their home. We also talk with many people who have rented their home for one year and after that have decided to sell.

Over the years we have found some homeowners who decide to rent their home do not realize some of the expenses they will incur when converting an owner occupied home into an investment property.

If you are trying to make this decision for yourself here are a few things you may want to think about. As always you should consult a tax professional to go over your specific situation.

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