We have a great benefit through the Texas Association of Realtors YOU can take advantage of, too!

Sears Commercial offers Realtors discounts on appliances including air conditioning units, electronics, lawn and garden items, and mattresses. The discounts are better on Kenmore appliances but they are available for other brand names including Samsung TV’s, etc.

This is a benefit we are able to pass on to our friends. If you are interested in taking advantage of this program send me a message and I will give you the rest of the program details.

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One of the reasons I bought our current rental home is I knew there was a new elementary school that would be built in the neighborhood in the next few years.

Now that the school is built the neighborhood has become very desirable and that purchase has turned into a great investment.

Today there are many new schools being built or recently announced. These schools will likely be rated very highly in the future. If you pay attention to announcements about neighborhoods being re-zoned to these new schools I expect there will be some great buying opportunity for long-term investors who understand how these schools will impact real estate values.

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