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Using dollars per square feet ($/SF) may be the most misunderstood area of real estate. It’s not unusual for me to meet with a client and have them say something like “My neighbor’s home is 1,800 square feet and it sold for $310,000. My home is 3,600 square feet so it’s worth $620,000.”

But, that’s not how real estate works. In general a smaller home will sell for a higher $/SF. I’ve always had a hard time explaining that until I was meeting with a couple at the neighborhood coffee shop.

We each had a different size cup of coffee and each cup had a different price. You can see the smallest cup of coffee cost $.32 per ounce. The last 4 ounces for the largest cup only cost $.12 per ounce. The larger the cup of coffee the lower the cost per ounce.

The same…

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Smart home sellers try to maximize every dollar they can out of their home when it’s time to sell. Conventional wisdom says you will get the highest price for your home in the spring/summer market compared to other times of the year. Many home sellers hope there is a magic day to list where their home will be worth an extra $20,000 than it was the day before. However, the real estate market in the Austin area isn’t as seasonal as you may expect.

As evidence we sold the highest priced home this year in 2 different neighborhoods in November and December. Both were large 5 bedroom homes, the type of homes conventional wisdom would say can only be sold in the spring/summer market.

There is also a belief that there is a huge influx of relocation buyers in the…

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