Have you ever bought a product or service based on promises a salesperson made only to be let down when after you made an agreement the salesperson went away and you were left working with an assistant? How did that make you feel? If you are like me you probably feel like you have been tricked and aren’t getting what you paid for.

One of the reasons so many homeowners have decided to list their home with Kopa Real Estate is because of our personal service. When you hire Kopa Real Estate to get your home sold you get to work with the owners of the company.

Although we have marketing and administrative assistants working for us when it comes to communicating with our company you will have mine of Joyce’s mobile #.  After all, your home sale is very…

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Before I started Kopa Real Estate I worked for 2 of the largest real estate brokerages in Austin for 10 years. Sometimes people who are selling their home have the impression that agents in large real estate companies attend meetings where they will all network together to get their home sold. They think there will be 500 agents from the large company who will care about you.

Despite what agents at large brokerages will tell you when they want to get hired to sell your home in my experience THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN. Almost all Realtors are independent contractors.  Many people get into the real estate business to avoid having a fixed schedule and the need to attend meetings.

In my experience the only meetings that were mandatory for agents to attend…

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