Sarah hadn’t visited her condo in over 10 years. The lease for her tenant was going to expire and the home needed a total makeover because the current tenant had trashed the property.

Sarah decided it would be a good time to sell her condo since the unit needed to have an extensive make ready to sell or rent and the expected rental rates were less than her previous tenant was paying.

After reading how other investors trust Kopa Real Estate with our vacant home listing system Sarah called us. The first thing we did was arrange a time to meet the tenant and bring a painter, handyman and carpet vendor at the same time. That way those contractors could provide estimates and be ready to begin their work the day after the tenant moved out. Because Kopa…

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People have been telling me for 4 years the Austin area real estate market is about to crash. In fact I’ve seen some of the same people visiting our open houses for 4 years who haven’t bought a home because they are convinced prices will come down. So far that hasn’t turned out to be a good decision.

The real estate market works in cycles so no doubt one of these days the Austin area will cool off. Currently we are in a long upward trend. The thing about trends is they tend to continue until some event happens. What that even will be is anyone’s guess. It could be 6 months from now or 10 years from now.

The truth is if I knew when the trend will end I would be typing this from a beach on my own private island rather than my home in Austin.

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Date – Monday September 10, 2018

Location – Avery Ranch Golf Club

Time -  Sign in at 6:30, Meeting Begins at 7:30

 Vote At The Meeting/Online/Phone/Mail

 Online Voting Closes September 7, 2018

To Register For Online Voting –

 To Vote By Phone Call – 844-797-4575

 Mailed Ballots Must Be Postmarked No Later Than September 3, 2018

 For addition questions contact Grand Manors at 855-947-2636 or

 Call 512-791-7473 If You Want To Give Us Your Proxy


Have a Question?

Contact Us Now!

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One reason we hold so many open houses is we know an increasing number of buyers are searching for homes before they have a relationship with a Realtor. Some buyers are trying to buy homes without a Realtor at all. These are often the buyers who will pay the most money for your house.

Because we know this information it also means that it’s no longer good enough for your listing agent to simply place your home in the MLS and only advertise to Realtors. Doing that means your home is missing out on half the buyers who are shopping for homes the Austin area.

It is important for your home to be advertised on consumer websites like Zillow. Kopa Real Estate pays over $5,000 per year, which allows us to feature our listings on Zillow.

When you list your…

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Every now and then an Austin area homeowner talks to us about selling their home and decides not to hire us. You can’t win them all!

I like to track those sales to see what happened. Sometimes it turns out good for them and sometimes it doesn’t.

One time it didn’t turn out very well happened this year in Austin. We talked with a homeowner about selling his home. Because we have a lot of experience in this section of the neighborhood we had a good idea of what he should do to better prepare his home for sale.

In the end this homeowner didn’t want to listen to any advice and decided to sell his home by himself. He told me he sold his home for $440,000 and out of that he paid a buyers agent commission.

A month later, 2 other homeowners in the…

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