One of the most common questions we are asked about Avery Ranch is “Is Avery Ranch located in Austin?”

The answer is “Yes!” One of the best things about living in Avery Ranch is you are living in Austin and you get to tell all your friends you have a cool Austin address.

I am Eric Peterson, Broker and owner of Kopa Real Estate and an Avery Ranch homeowner since 2007.

Avery Ranch is located in North Austin close to the fast-growing suburbs or Round Rock and Cedar Park. Avery Ranch is only 19 miles from downtown Austin, 9 miles from The Domain and 5 miles from the North Austin tech corridor including the Apple campus.

Most of Austin is located in Travis County. Avery Ranch is located in Williamson County. The advantage of living in…

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The most important date in a real estate contract is the closing date. That’s the day we celebrate and you get your money!

The closing date is one part of the contract that is negotiable between the buyer and seller. Please consider carefully the closing date you are committing to BEFORE signing a contract.

When agreeing to a closing date here are a few things to consider…

  • Once a contract is signed the seller does not have the right to change the closing date without the agreement of the buyer.
  • The buyer will expect you to have moved out of the house and your home to be clean so they can do a final walk through the afternoon/evening before closing or the morning of closing.
  • We recommend closing as soon as possible. Every day…

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Congratulation, your home is under contract! The next step will be for the buyer to schedule an inspection. Here is some information to help you understand the inspection process.

  • The inspection will take about 4-5 hours and you should not be home for the inspection.
  • The inspector is licensed and will have access for the lockbox.
  • Buying a home is an exciting and also scary time for a buyer. Often the agent, the buyer and sometimes family will attend the inspection. Please make sure to secure any firearms, medications and valuables during the inspection.


Preparing Your Home

The inspector is not supposed to move things in the house. He also will not attempt to fix anything. A few suggestions to make the inspectors…

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Looking back at the first half of the year and it has been very interesting. The overall market has been very good. Interest rates are about 1% below what they were at the end of last year with many clients getting rates near or under 3.5%. Something that may surprise you is the number of investors buying homes. 40% of our listings so far this year have sold to investors. Even more surprising is the amount of money being “parked” in the area. Joyce has a client from China who has bought 6 homes this year. What that means for you? If you are a first time homebuyer it is tough to compete with investors, especially if they are paying cash. For potential home sellers investors are likely to offer you a leaseback which may get you off the…

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