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AUSTIN, TX–As single-family home sales continue to rise, another record-breaking year is expected for the Austin-area housing market, according to the latest monthly report from the Austin Board of REALTORS®. The November 2018 Central Texas Housing Market Report released today suggests another strong showing for the region.

"Sales are up 3.3 percent year-to-date for 2018,” Steve Crorey, president of the Austin Board of REALTORS®, said. “Pending sales volume in December, the Central Texas housing market is on track to have one of the highest-grossing years on record."

Austin-Round Rock MSA

In the Austin-Round Rock Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), sales volume slightly increased 0.7 percent year over year from 2,185 sales in November 2017

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Update: Moonshine Patio Bar & Grill Opened on December 4th, 2018 in Avery Ranch

Click HERE to visit their website for more information.


Rumor has it one of my favorite restaurants in Austin will be opening another location in Avery Ranch. The speculation is they will be moving into the old Z-Tejas building at the corner of Avery Ranch Blvd and Parmer Ln.

We would be very excited if this turns out to be true as their Sunday brunch is the best in Austin in my opinion.

When we asked Moonshine if they are opening a location they would not confirm they are but it sounded like they are working on making something happen.

Stay tuned for more

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Because we specialize in helping people in the Austin area get their home sold fast Kopa Real Estate has a proven marketing plan we can show you in writing.

The Austin real estate market is different than other areas. To help our clients sell their homes our marketing plan is tailored towards our neighborhood. Our marketing plan includes not only getting buyers to visit your home, going under contract, but also takes you all the way to a successful closing.

The average Realtor in our area will sell one home per year. Whenever someone doesn’t do something frequently it is impossible for him or her to develop successful systems. What that means is an average Realtor will be practicing with your largest financial asset. Even worse is the Austin

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Congratulations, your home is under contract! The next step will be for the buyer to have your home inspected.

Most of us assume a home inspector is going to be competent and the inspection report will be a truthful indication of your home’s condition. I wish that were true.

More than ever, this year we have run across an alarming number of home inspectors that produced inspection reports with significant inaccuracies. In some cases I wondered if they were even inspecting the correct house.

There are a few reasons for this development. First, home inspectors are like people with any other job. Some software developers are great, some are average and some or simply bad at their jobs. The same holds for home inspectors. The process to obtain a

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Because we work with so many home sellers it gives us the ability to provide our clients who are buying a home great advice about how to structure an offer that a seller will accept. Here are a few mistakes we have seen buyers make when submitting offers on our listings.

Assuming the seller will negotiate with you.  One of the most common mistakes we see is a buyer who loves a house but just can’t get out of their own way to make a good first offer. They try to submit a low-ball offer. When we get another offer many times the seller decides to negotiate only with the 2nd offer and never gives the buyer who made the low-ball offer a chance to make a Best & Final offer. There’s a saying “Do you want to buy the house or try to buy the house?” Buyers who

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For years people have been asking me if the real estate market is going to “crash.”

One of the misconceptions about the real estate market is it is binary. In other words the market is either super hot or crashing. The truth is a normal real estate market is more balanced than we have seen in 10 years.

Nationally we are seeing statistics that indicate that real estate is shifting towards a more balanced market that may not favor buyers or sellers as much as we have seen in a long time. This doesn’t mean a crash but it will mean changes and those changes will create challenges in the market.

The best analogy I can come up with is imagine you have been driving 100 MPH and then you slow down to 50 MPH. You will still be moving forward but it will

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I can appreciate someone wanting to save money. If you’re like me what you’ve often experienced is when cutting corners things don’t turn out as expected. I know in my experience when I have tried to hire the cheapest option I’ve often had to hire someone else later to clean up the mess for you.

At Kopa Real Estate, our business is based on specialization. What often happens is a home seller thinks the decision of which Realtor to hire doesn’t make a difference. When their home doesn’t sell quickly they start asking questions and searching for answers. Because the discount agent they hired doesn’t specialize in our neighborhood they don’t have any answers. Many times those home sellers call me. They are confused about the real estate market, confused

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One of the best things about being the owner of our company is I get to make the rules. One of the rules that’s important to me is offering an Easy Exit Listing Agreement where if a home seller isn’t happy with our performance the listing can be cancelled while in Active status. Despite no clients taking me up on the offer it is important for you to know we are accountable to you when you hire Kopa Real Estate to sell your home.

Because 25% of the homes we sell were previously listed with another agent we often hear stories of consumers who were frustrated with the other agent. Often the other agent tried to hold their feet to the fire with a listing agreement that can’t be cancelled or large cancellation fees you would have to pay. I wouldn’t want

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Strong home buying activity throughout the summer led to double-digit home sales growth in July, according to the July 2018 Central Texas Housing Market Report released today by the Austin Board of REALTORS®. The five-county Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) experienced the highest volume of home sales since July 2011, and the highest median home price on record for any month.

“Strong pending sales activity in June contributed to a big uptick in home sales growth last month, and pending sales growth was strong again in July, too,” Steve Crorey, 2018 president of the Austin Board of REALTORS®, said. “This means we could see another uptick in home sales growth in August to end the summer selling season on a high note.”

In the city of Austin,

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In August I was contacted by an unusually large number of investors who are considering selling their investment property. Some of the investors think the market is nearing a top while others have decided being a landlord isn’t for them. If you are thinking about selling your investment property here are a few things to think about.

Do you want to be a landlord? I believe successful investors enjoy owning investment properties and they run their investment properties like a business. If you don’t enjoy some of the negative aspects of owning rental properties such as dealing with tenants or having to lease a home then being a real estate investor may not be right for you.

What is your actual Return on Investment? When calculating a ROI many

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