Getting Your Home Ready For Showings


Congratulations your home is about to go live and on the market. Now what do you do? Here are 6 tips to get your home ready for each showing…

1. Be Ready For Showings At Any Time

Rather than rushing around to get your home ready for each showing the best advice is to keep your home in show ready condition at all times. We don’t always get a lot of notice before showings. Our experience tells us if we turn down a showing because you don’t have time to leave work to go home to get your home ready for the showing the buyers will not reschedule. 


2. Your Home In Show Ready Condition

Before leaving your home be sure the house is clean, beds are made, clothes are picked up, dishes are out of the sink, toilet seats are down and personal items are put away.


3. Light And Bright Inside

Turn on all the lights, open the blinds and open any window treatments. The #1 complaint we get from buyers about a home is there isn’t enough natural light. Buyers make a decision about your home in the first 5 seconds. We want their first impression of your home to be it’s a bright and happy place. We don’t want them to come in to a dark home and either not turn on the lights or spend their first few minutes fumbling around to turn on the lights.


4. Turn Down The AC

We recommend turning down the AC to 75 degrees. We want buyers to be comfortable and relaxed so they enjoy the showing. Especially if your AC is aged we don’t want a buyer to think there is a problem with the system. If your home is 80 degrees when they visit the buyer think the AC needs to be replaced and will subtract the cost of a new AC from the price when making an offer.


5. Neutralize Odors

Odors will turn buyers off from your home. Before showings neutralize odors from pets and cooking. To get you the best price we recommend refraining from cooking with strong spices while your home is on the market.


6. Leave The House

This may sound strange because nobody knows more about your home than you do. A showing is a time for a buyer to spend time picturing how they will live in your home. We want buyers to feel comfortable and relaxed. If you stay in the house buyers will think that’s creepy and they will cut their showing short.


These tips will help buyers fall in love with your home which will result in getting the best offer for you.

We are here to shepherd you through the staging and showing process. If you have any questions or need help getting your home ready for the showing please let us know.   When you are ready to sell your home, contact Eric Peterson directly at 512-791-7473 or .


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