Photography and Visual Marketing

Imaging a homebuyer sitting on his couch after a long day at work. He’s scrolling through the real estate listings trying to decide which ones to see in person. Is your listing going to make it on his list? People are busy today. They are looking for ways to make their decisions easier, which means they are looking for ways to exclude homes from their search. The job of photography is to catch their attention. To make them stop and check out your home in more detail. We need to get homebuyers excited about seeing your home in person.

Home Staging

Homebuyers form an impression about your home in the first 5 seconds. Most people realize how important home staging is when a homebuyer visits a house in person. What you may not realize is home staging is just as important for pictures. If a buyer sees pictures of empty rooms or if the furniture doesn’t make a good impression the homebuyer will become confused and form a negative impression about your home. Before pictures are taken your home should be staged. Kopa Real Estate offers our clients not only a FREE home staging consultation but also FREE use of our large inventory of stylish staging furniture and accessories. That’s a savings to you of over $2,500!


The pictures of your Avery Ranch home have to be show-stoppers. Your home will never get another chance to make an emotional connection to potential buyers if they don’t love the pictures. Our clients, homebuyers and even other real estate agents often comment on the quality of our photography. Of course we use talented professional real estate photographers but eye catching visual images goes beyond simply having a professional photographer. The photographers we work with specialize in real estate photography. To photograph real estate takes a different skill set compared to a wedding photographer, for example.  A great real estate photographer will make sure the lighting is correct and the pictures are taken at angles that will show off your home the best. In addition we personally give our photographers direction about which pictures to take. Because we have sold more listings in Avery Ranch than any other Realtors since 2007 we use our experience to choose the items to feature and to give the photographer direction about which shots to take. But we also know you know more about your home than anyone else. That’s why when you list your home with Kopa Real Estate we will ask you what you love about your home so we can be sure to include those items in the pictures. When the pictures are delivered to us we don’t simply put them up on the MLS. We have to tell a story about your home and to do that we include captions at the bottom of each picture. We know there are special things about your house and we want to make sure homebuyers know about those things. Because homebuyers are often just flipping through photos and not reading detailed descriptions we need to tell them what they are seeing on the picture. Maybe you have plantation shutters, real wood floors or even mechanical items like a tankless water heater. You’ve spent money on those items so we need to show them off. Engaging real estate photography is one important aspect of selling your home. We are Avery Ranch homeowners since 2007 and real estate agents who specialize in Avery Ranch real estate. When you are ready to talk about real estate photography and a custom marketing plan for your home call/text directly 512-791-7473 or send an email to