Showing Feedback

What Happens After a Showing

Whenever there is a showing at your house we receive a notification about which Realtor showed your home. We make every effort to contact those agents to get feedback about the showing.

We attempt to get feedback for every showing. Because agents are busy you should expect to received feedback from about 50% of the showings.

Most good agents are busy and often they will be showing several homes at the same time. Rather than contacting them the minute they leave your home we have better luck receiving showing feedback when we contact the agent either later in the day or the next day after they have been able to review the showings with the buyer.

Sometimes feedback is helpful. Other times it is too vague for the feedback to be actionable. We will share any showing feedback with you and we will help interpret any feedback based on our experience to make sure we concentrate on the important aspects of getting your home sold. 

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