At this time of this article Kopa Real Estate is representing 3 buyers under contract with homes that were not listed for sale in the MLS. As the inventory of great homes for sale has shrunk it is more and more important you find out about homes for sale before anyone else. The special homes sell fast and once they’re gone they are gone for good! 

Kopa Real Estate has 8 ways to find off market deals for our clients. Let’s talk about what our company does and let me know how we can help make your home search easier and more successful. Here are some of our tips and tricks.

  1.    Monthly Newspaper – We mail out over 10,000 real estate newspapers. Included in each issue is a list of clients we represent and their criteria for a home. Each month we get calls from homeowners who may be willing to sell their home off market to one of our clients.
  1.    Mailing Letters – Once we narrow down your home search to a particular neighborhood, school zone, etc we mail targeted letters to homeowners in that area. Because we have been mailing letters like this for years we know what to write in the letter to get homeowners to respond. 
  1.    Exclusive Realtor Facebook Groups – We are members of several exclusive Facebook groups where we can post the home criteria for our clients. We also monitor these groups so we are alerted whenever another agent advertises a home that is being sold “off market.”
  1.    Monthly Email Newsletter – Each month we produce an email newsletter full of real estate information about our area that is sent out to over 1,200 people. Included in that newsletter are the criteria of buyer needs for our clients. In some cases a person on our email list wants to sell their home but where the real power comes from is often someone on our list has a friend that wants to sell so they get us in touch with their friend. 
  1.    Call Homeowners – Our company subscribes to a service where we can obtain phone numbers of homeowners in a neighborhood. After we narrow down the search area we can call to see if any homeowners are interested in selling their home to you. 
  1.    Facebook Advertising – One of the great aspects of Facebook advertising is the targeting it allows us to do. Within the Facebook advertising system we can “put a pin” on an address and blast an advertisement about the needs of our client to an area surrounding that pin. With this targeting we can be sure to hit the right area with our advertising.
  1.    Knocking Doors – This sounds old school but we have been very successful finding homeowners who want to sell simply by knocking on their door and asking if they want to sell their home.
  1.    People Who Previously Contacted Us – We have a long list of homeowners who have contacted us over the years about selling their home but for one reason or the other the time wasn’t right for them to move. We stay in touch with these homeowners and when we have a client searching for a home that would be a match we call to see if they are interested in selling now.

If you are starting your home search make sure you are working with real estate agents who are able to find homes listed for sale in more ways than simply sending you listings in the MLS. When you are ready to talk with us about how we can help you find a great home before another family buys it contact us at  at 512-791-7473 or

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