This month’s success story is about a family who won’t be able to move up to another home for about a year.

How can that be a success story? Whenever someone wants to make a better life for their family and they finally put a plan together to make it possible I consider that a success. Often I talk with people who say they want to make a move; either buying their first home, moving up to a larger home or even downsizing, but they never want to take the first step to make a plan. They will likely be in the same situation years later. 


In January a neighbor called me and asked if I would come over to talk about his house. His wife has always wanted a larger home with a pool. We looked at the market value of their home and their current financial situation. An analysis showed moving up isn’t possible today.

That news was a little disappointing. Rather than leaving his house with everyone feeling frustrated we took some extra time to put together a plan that will help the family pay off some debts quicker than expected. For them a meeting that could have ended with a “No” turned into a meeting that ended with a “Not today but yes in the near future.” Stay tuned for a follow up to this story later in the year.

Although I’d always like to provide an immediate solution for anyone who needs our help it makes me feel good to help people put together a plan for their future. If you have a dream that involves real estate and need help putting together a plan contact me directly at 512-791-7473 or

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