I can appreciate someone wanting to save money. If you’re like me what you’ve often experienced is when cutting corners things don’t turn out as expected. I know in my experience when I have tried to hire the cheapest option I’ve often had to hire someone else later to clean up the mess for you.

At Kopa Real Estate, our business is based on specialization. What often happens is a home seller thinks the decision of which Realtor to hire doesn’t make a difference. When their home doesn’t sell quickly they start asking questions and searching for answers. Because the discount agent they hired doesn’t specialize in our neighborhood they don’t have any answers. Many times those home sellers call me. They are confused about the real estate market, confused about how the buyers in the Austin area act and disappointed that they aren’t getting the help they were promised.

It’s always unfortunate when I get these calls because once a home seller is represented by a discount agent it’s too late for me to help them. Out of professional courtesy I don’t want to step on the toes of the person they hired by giving advice.

It is interesting for me to hear some of the bad advice they are getting from the discount brokers. For example one of the frustrations many unsuccessful home sellers have is the discount brokers do not want to do open houses. The discount brokers will tell the sellers that open houses are not an effective marketing strategy.

What we know is 72% of our listings have sold to someone who visited an open house. We know buyers in the Austin area often want to view homes on their own either without their Realtor or before they hire an agent.

Knowing that why do the discount agents not want to do open houses?

For starters many do not want to work on the weekends. That means they are putting their interests above getting your home sold. Meanwhile you are missing out on over half the market of potential buyers for your home.

The second reason discount brokers don’t like open houses is it costs them money. Many discount brokers are paying their agents an hourly salary. That means to have an agent hold an open house at your home it costs them money. When you consider some discount brokers are publicly traded companies (including one whose stock is down 42% year to date as of September 24, 2018) they are under immense pressure to keep costs down. Imagine how you will feel when the pressure from Wall Street has become more important than the discount broker selling your home?

Because we have sold over 100 homes in the Austin area, you can trust Kopa Real Estate to give you professional advice based on our experience in our neighborhood. Before you hire a discount broker and waste valuable time on the market and become frustrated call or email us first at  512-791-7473 or eric@koparealestate.com to get your home Sold Fast!

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