It’s hard to believe, but summer is already around the corner. Here in the Austin area, our home-selling “season” kicks off in spring and reaches its peak in the summer. It’s our busiest time of year, although this year things will be a little different.

With interest rates up, demand has slowed compared to last year. Prices remain high and sellers still have the upper hand, but buyers have a bit more leverage and homes are taking longer to sell on average. This season, homes that are attractive to buyers and marketed aggressively will sell fast and high. Here are the strategies we’re using to position our summer sellers for the best result possible.

I have to give myself a little grace here because I haven’t gotten much sleep lately and I’ve changed a lot of diapers over the last few months so it’s possible I simply didn’t have the energy to figure out a way to explain what’s happened and what is more likely to happen over the next few years in a way people can easily understand.

1. Start Now and Show Better this Summer

Even if you don’t plan to sell until July, you can and should begin your preparations now. This will give you time to complete repairs and minor upgrades which will increase your sale price, decrease your selling time, and reduce your risk of a bust contract.

Buyers always want “modern and move-in ready,” and as the markets become cooler they’ve become less compromising. Homes with eyesores, dated features, or inspection problems will sit on the market this summer. This doesn’t mean it’s necessary to do big renovations – in fact, it’s the little things that generate the best ROI in a sale. Appliances, landscaping, painting, grout repair, hardwood refinishing, and cabinet refacing are common ones that pay off handsomely. An experienced agent will tell you which jobs make sense for your property.

Once you have your prep planned out, establish a timeline. Make sure your target listing date is strategic and feasible. Make sure things like staging, packing, photography, and pre-listing work are factored in.

2. Streamline Your Home Prep

Schedule and get started on your home prep work right away. It’s okay if it feels early – supply chain problems and contractor shortages are common these days, so the more padding you have time-wise, the better.

A good agent will refer you to a team of professionals for every job on your list. Agents don’t get kickbacks from these vendors; our goal is to get your home market-ready quickly and with high-quality work, and they refer companies they trust will make this happen. Some vendors may even offer preferential scheduling or pricing as a referral. At our office, we have relationships with well-vetted contractors, plumbers, landscapers, painters, and more, who have consistently completed our clients’ jobs on time and within budget.

You can save time and money on preparations by participating in some of the work. Most of my clients do things like de-cluttering, cleaning, packing, and yard work.

3. Market Aggressively

After your home is ready, your agent should begin a phased, comprehensive marketing plan. The “pre-listing” phase includes staging, photography, preparing materials, and meeting with other local agents to generate a buzz about your “coming soon” home. Then, on the day your home hits the market, it should appear on all the websites, social media platforms, broker networks, and channels relevant to your buyers.

With summer being Austin’s most competitive buying season, an effective marketing plan can truly make or break a sale. Although the spring and summer will be busier than the winter, it won’t be as busy as last summer. Also, many families moving to Austin aren’t local; these buyers may begin their home search in other cities, and they lean heavily on their agents. To get in front of every possible buyer, your home needs a strong online, offline, and broker network presence.

4. Make Buying Your Home Easy

Most summer buyers want to take possession of their new home by August. Keep this in mind, and plan to be out of your home by August if possible. This will make your home much more attractive this season, which could lead to a faster, smoother sale and higher price.

Ideally, this would mean moving into your replacement home on the day you turn over your keys. Things rarely shake out so well; you may have to wait for the seller of your new home to buy another home, or it may take you a while to find the right replacement. In today’s market, you could potentially negotiate a period for you to stay in the home after closing. The best course for you depends on your situation.

If you can sell without a contingency, I recommend using a storage solution like PODS for your non-essential belongings and planning out temporary housing. Your “plan A” can be to move directly into your new home, but “plan B” living arrangements will bring you peace of mind and improve your sale. Many AirBNBs have monthly options which are cheaper per day than shorter stays, some hotels have extended-stay rates, or you may have relatives who can accommodate you.

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