How To Attract The Emotional Buyer

If you ask me why so many home sellers hire us when they decided to sell my answer would be simple. When it comes to selling your home the price you receive comes down to whether or not you are trying to attract a buyer buying based on emotion or based on logic.

The buyer buying based on emotion will always pay the most for your home. What we have done is come up with a repeatable and market proven system to attract and appeal to the emotional buyers in our area.

Sellers who understand the difference have great success. Sellers who try to use logic often wind up frustrated because the real estate market and buyers don’t react the way a logical mind hopes.

One of the many ways we add value to our clients is by understanding buyer psychology. It’s the difference between thinking how a buyer is going to react and knowing how buyers will react because I have the experience of hundreds of home sales and seeing over 4,000 buyers at open houses over the years.

Logic may tell us to do something or make a recommendation based on what we think. Knowing what lights up a buyer’s eyes and what turns them off is truly the difference between saving or making money for our clients.

If you are planning to sell your home in the next 6-12 months before you spend any money on improving your home let’s talk. A conversation can be the difference between spending money to attract a logical buyer or an emotional buyer who will pay you the most money for your home.

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