Almost every day I get calls or have people attend our seminars thinking they can’t sell their house because of what they are hearing in the news. I assure you we are still helping people like you sell their homes and If what you are hearing has stopped you from making a move contact us to talk about your plans. Many people have benefited this year from scheduling a buying power and home improvement audit. I’ve found that even if what I tell them isn’t what they want to hear it allows them to make better decisions and move forward with their life. I’m not saying it’s easy but in the end our clients always say it’s worth it to move on to a better place.

Who Is Moving Right Now?

One of our recent clients were the original owner of their home. They moved to a new home with modern construction and finishes that has beautiful views and room for a pool they have always wanted. They found their new neighbors are much more social and they will enjoy the planned neighborhood activities including a travel group and yoga. They were even invited over to a new neighbor’s house for wine before they even moved in.

Other clients are moving to be closer to family. I often think about our clients who sold their home and moved to Florida to be near their family. Some neighbors were telling them they couldn’t sell their home but they did. Because they took action, they have already been in their home in Florida for 6 months. Meanwhile, their neighbors who wanted to do the same thing but told them it was impossible are still stuck where they are. This is also another example where you are much better off getting professional advice than listening to well-meaning neighbors who don’t understand what’s happening.

In particular, the data shows grandparents are moving further to be near their grandchildren. If you have grandchildren of your own, maybe you can relate. In my own personal life when it comes to kids I’ve realized the first 5 years are the magic years and I wouldn’t want to miss out on any of that time.

It’s been 20 years since my dad had a stroke. After that I moved him down here to live in an assisted living facility. Before that happened we had been talking about him moving down here but there was no inertia. He lived another 8 years and that place was great given the circumstances but it would have been nice for him to move while he was still healthy.

People call me for real estate advice but often ask for life advice and based on that experience I always say we all think we have more good years left than we do.

When you decide it’s time to be closer to your loved ones, let’s connect.

What’s Happening With Interest Rates

It’s been a wild ride to watch mortgage rates basically do the opposite of what so many predicted this year.

The Fed doesn’t understand why yields are spiking, I don’t understand it and your cousin Bill doesn’t know what rates will do by next summer.

Earlier in the year one of the most respected people in the mortgage business was predicting rates would be 5% by this time. That didn’t turn out to be a good prediction.

I do know many people are holding off making a move, either buying or selling, because they believe interest rates will go back to 5% early next year. Although nobody knows exactly what will happen, we do know for rates to come down that far that fast something with the economy will have broken. You’d have to see mass layoffs which would cause more distressed sellers so it’s one of those be careful what you wish for type of things.

Will We See More Homes On The Market Next Year?

Zillow is predicting 1 in 4 homeowners will want to sell in the next 3 years. That would be a significant increase in the number of homes for sale. As always, I’m a focus group of 1 so whether or not this is statistically significant or not is hard to know but there is one street where 5 of the 14 owners have contacted me already about selling their home next year.

That sounds worse than it will be because experience tells me only 1 or 2 will sell, but it’s an indication of the number of people waiting on the sideline to sell. Whenever you are ready for a no obligation consultation call/text 512-791-7473 or book you call at


If you're planning to sell in 2024, now is the best time to attend our Free Home Selling Workshops. If you want to attend a workshop, get in touch with us and we will notify you when they are scheduled. As always you can check to see dates and times of our in-person and online Free Home Selling Workshops. For years home sellers have told me they benefited from attending our events. Sign up at


The information on this page may have changed since we first published it. We give great real estate advice, but this page (and the rest of our site) is for informational use only and is no substitute for actual real estate, legal and financial advice. If you’d like to establish a Broker-client relationship, reach out to us and we’ll tell you how we can make it official. Sending us an email or reading this page alone doesn’t mean we represent you.

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